Tenant Qualifications

  Applicant must be a minimum of 18 years of age and willing to commit to a twelve month Lease Agreement.

Applicants must provide twelve months of current, verifiable rental history. The following information will be reviewed: (a) Length of residency (b) consistency and timelines of payments (c) adherence to property rules and regulations (d) proper notice given and (e) condition of property upon move-out. Any Applicant with a previous eviction will NOT be considered.

Any Applicant with any unpaid utility bills reflecting on credit report will NOT be approved

Any collection account or judgment must have zero balance.

Any Applicant with a past bankruptcy may be approved provided he/she has established a minimum of two new accounts, with no less than a 1 rating.

An Applicant will NOT be approved if there is any balance owed to a property management or mortgage company.

Diamond Real Estate Div., LLC is prohibited from disclosing specific information obtained from an individual’s credit report. Please contact Equifax at (800)944-6000 for information.

A criminal background check is required for prospective tenants. This may be obtained at a local police station or courthouse and will be required at time of application submission with other required verification documents.

The acceptance of pets is the decisions of the homeowner. If the pets are permitted, additional payments are required.

The housing of each pet requires a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE fee. Only two pets will be considered.

Payments must be made in the form of money order or personal check. Cash will NOT be accepted.

A $75 processing fee is required for the processing of each Rental Applicant. This fee is NON-REFUNDANBLE, regardless of whether the tenant is approved or denied. Diamond Real Estate Div., LLC makes every effort to process each Rental Application within 48 hours. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

A security deposit equal to one month’s rent is due and payable within five days of approval. At the time the deposit is paid, Diamond Real Estate, Div., LLC will provide tenant with a move-in agreement listing any damages to the property. Tenant has the right to inspect the property with a move-in agreement listing any damages to the property. Tenant has the right to inspect the property and must return this list to Diamond Real Estate Div., LLC for signatures. The deposit will be put in the escrow account of Diamond Real Estate Div., LLC as outlined in the Lease Agreement.

After the approval of the rental application, submission of the security deposit, and existing damage inspection performed, signed and submitted, the Lease Agreement will be signed, and rent paid. Keys will not be released until the Lease Agreement has been signed and both the security deposit and first month’s rent have been paid in full.